3D carve went horribly wrong

I started my carve and half way through the roughing pass it started to carve out the center of the piece and I cant see what has caused it. Below is the carve and the settings I am using. I did this same carve on a 3/4" thick piece for practice first and it worked beautiful. I was hoping someone would be able to see what I am missing as I would love to get this carve going again and now I’m worried to start another, such a waste of time and material to have this happen again.

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I think there needs to be a lesser model thickness than material thickness… not much, but some.

So having model thickness equal or greater than material thickness can cause that sort of an issue.

I’ve also seen weird anomalies when using material thicker than 1"

so id reduce the model thickness to like 1.70" and then inspect the toolpaths in the simulation and ensure this sort of bad path is fixed.

What did the gcode preview look like?
Can you share the easel project?

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