3d carve. Wish to make a picture frame cut out around the original carve. How can I accomplish that?

If you’re wanting to make a frame independent of the detail, cut a circle (on the line) full depth for the inside border.

I’d make sure the work piece is fully supported doing this using making tape and CA glue or woodworkers tape, to ensure the center doesn’t move.

As for rounding over the Frame, you’d need to use a roundover bit like this:

EDIT: If your desired frame is deeper than the tool. then you can duplicate your design to a second workpiece, use a straight bit at full depth on the first workpiece, and a roundover bit at less depth on the 2nd workpiece.

Same principles apply to a frame integrated into the picture (just not full depth).

HOWEVER, If you are doing a 3D design in easel, you would need to incorporate the frame into your original design (STL) using another package like Fusion 360, as you can’t add to a 3D carve in Easel, and rely on the bullnose to do the carving. The issue with this is the scallops that the bullnose will leave which will need cleanup later. Alternatively, import a SVG of the image as a separate workpiece and delete the areas you don’t need. Be careful with registration though.

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