3d carveing file buying, safe to use with easel pro

Safw place to buy 3d files that will work with Easel pro

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3dwave, cults3d and Patriot Nation are reputable.

As for most others including Etsy sellers, I suggest inspecting the photos closly as some have poor details resolution, still usable but low quality.

And make sure youve got clear authorization (in writing) to sell the physical product, many etsy sellers place notes in the description that they are “personal use only”
Also don’t be tricked by those shady sellers selling clearly IP infringing models, like Harley, Disney, Military, Sports Teams. That rarely ever give rights to sell models, meaning the seller is doing so illegally and youd need a license from the Actual IP owner…


Hi Tim, we put together this list: https://blog.inventables.com/2022/10/8-best-sites-to-download-stl-files.html


I have been searching these site, using filter but am not finding many if any files usable in easel mostly modeling . What am I doing wrong.