3D carving .75

How do people carve a 3d project that is done on a .75 thick board with a full cut-out. What bits do you guys use for the full cut. All the bullnose 1/8" bits I have don’t cut that deep. Are there 1/4" shank bits with an 1/8" cut diameter available


This would seem to meet your needs, but I have no experience with this product and I cannot vouch for it.

Long, thin bits that engage the workpiece can be prone to break. Be careful of your depths and speeds.

I use tapered ball bits. And you can use bits other than 1/8" diameter, just have to enter the bit details…

Also note that the bit linked above is a endmill not a ball bit, so it will not be appropriate for the finishing bit in easels 3d workspace.

He spoke of the “full cut out”. I took that to mean that he wanted to cut the finished part out of the workpiece and to do that he needed a cut face longer than 3/4"

But that’s not a ball nose bit so it wouldn’t give me the 3d look I’m looking for but thanks for the reply

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If I use the ball nose tappered bit won’t that make my edges be tampered into the project instead of being a straight down cut? I have never use one of those bits so I’m just curious

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Depending on the model, yes. If there are tall, straight edges incorporated into the design, the tops of the walls will experience over-carving and the side will be carved away than originally intended.

There are many models that will not be effected at all though, so it’s more a case-by case as to whether a tapered ball bit will work with Easel and the mode. Other softwares that properly account for the taper do not overcarve the top, but instead leave extra material at the base of vertical walls.

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