3d carving error

You’ll need to share your project to get help: Simple Method - How To send a friend your Easel Project - YouTube

There appears to be a problem with the STL file itself - it doesn’t look like anything much in Easel. What is it meant to look like?

Hey Ray, It appears that maybe you might have used a Image to STL conversion website and the resulting STL is kinda trash, to say it as nicely as possible. One cannot simply convert an image to STL in a simple fashion, it must be contoured and molded and process can take hours and hours to get a product that is desirable.

you could try 3d Rocks Lithopane converter and mess with the settings a LOT to get an acceptable lithopane style STL, but likely you won’t love the results of that either…

Another option is Zbrush to manually create the STL model using the photo as a baseline to create contour lines from… this process for first timers typically takes upwards of 50 hours to get a usable high-quality model… :person_shrugging:

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