3d carving in easel pro?

Hello,i’m a newer user i have x carve pro with easel pro software. I went into the shop portion of the site and it says easel has 3d carving with easel pro but i cant not find it anywhere in the program. Anyone able to help or have inside info? Thanks Mark

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Can you share a photo of were you saw this info at?

Easel cannot generate 3d toolpaths, it can however send 3d gcode generated in other software like carveco, vetric, Fusion360, meshcsm and others.

[Uploading: After you click on the second picture of the 3d carving software it brings you to page to purchase easel pro which we have. Thanks Seth for checking into this . Mark

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It’s a bit misleading… They probably need to update that.

Easel, as of now, does not generate toolpaths for what I would call 3D carving. With Pro, you can generate toolpaths for V-bits, but not true 3D.
What are you trying to make?

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Left pinky a little short today, @SethCNC?


I wasnt try to make anything yet i was checking out the site and noticed it. I would say they need to update because it is very misleading. When you click it,that takes you to purchase easel pro when someone buys it to get 3d carving software then finds out easel doesnt ha ve it i would be very upset.

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My question is will it in the future? And will you charge me a larger yearly fee to do so?

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