3d carving missing sections

A simple clamp 25 x 50mm with slot for 6mm bolt, roughing does not mill slot, leaving too much work for finishing bit.
STL from onshape 1/8 bit for both ops

Could you just setup a separate worksheet/toolpath to cut the slot? 3d is a real slow way to cut out something like this as it will have to plunge a ton, rather then a quick pocket operation.

Good idea, that would work, easy to draw a slot in easel.
However if the profile was far more complicated would need a clean closed profile dxf or svg from the stl file.

Didn’t do the holes in the horseshoe this either, but I think they were too small. (first project) Ideally want to flip it 180 and do the back.

I’m sure 3D carving will improve in time, nice and simple is what we want.