3D Carving stopped (paused)? during work

During the machining of a low relief, after the roughing I changed the tip with a ball nose for finishing. During this process after about two hours it stopped work. Easel did not report anything, so I tried to press the pause button and start again, but no response. After some attempt, even directly from the X-controller I had no answer, so I pressed stop and the milling machine came back to the starting point as if nothing was.
What can it depend on? I was using a G-code generated with Aspire, I did other jobs and I still have no problems… I have to ask if easel or X-Controller have a kind of "pause " After several hours of work; Can someone confirm?
Thank you, I await your help.
Francesco from Italy

What post processor did you use to create gcode?

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Vectric Artcam

I am not aware of Artcam as a pp.
When the carve stopped was the bit still in the material or back above start point?
Sounds like a loss of connection between the pc and controller. But when that happens you typically have to power cycle to get machine to move again.
Check sleep and power settings on the pc.
Electrical interference could be another cause, dust collection static, router brushes worn?

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I’ve checked everything from the suspend settings to anything that can relate to the X-carve PC connection. During the work has stopped as in a kind of "Limbo " and from PC I could not do anything… I pressed play/pause but nothing directly from easel, then from the keys of X-controller and did not respond, however when I pressed Stop then came out the message easel asking if you Tto went well or not and X-Carve came back to zero. In short, pause and reboot did not work, stop it, has awakened the CNC… really do not know what it can be.