3D Clock on Inventables page

On the home page for the X-Carve it shows a clock and says that Easel and X-Carve can do awesome things. Can someone please advise how to use Easel to make a complex shape like the one shown? I expect that an alternative software would be required first such as VCarve but is that the only option?

Check out their youtube

They have tons of great info and demo’s on there (theres actually one LIVE right now)

Thanks Rob but none of these have sloped cuts (I dont think anyway) which is what the image shows.

Yeah that thought crossed my mind. The thought gave me shivers!
Whats the best option then in your opinion? I see folk talking about VCarve etc a lot on here but importing GCode and the like sounds like I’d be out of my depth and would likely result in me breaking the thing altogether. Could you use something like Corel and shading and then bring across as an svg?

Once i get my xcarve assembled, i think im going to be facing the same issue. I bought the machine to help shape my handplanes, for body surfing. They have rocker and slope cuts like phil mentioned. Huh. I will figure it out eventually but i thought it was going to be a lot easier. Software wise.

Gents…don’t worry about the software and how hard it sounds…or should I say don’t focus on that. I’m an accountant by trade and had never done any CAD/CAM and it really is “easy” when you jump in. Lot of good articles and video’s out on the web as well as in this forum. As with anything we can make anything it as complicated as we want…but I have found the software to be much easier than I expected it to be…once I picked up the basics. The harder part was figuring out bits and feeds/speeds…that is the real “challenge”…jump in…have fun…be willing to read posts and watch some YouTube videos…and Google is your friend!!!

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anything is possible

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best thing about this clock is the sound of one hand clapping at the top of the hour

still just fractions of pi…

Just stumbled across this:

inventables are you serious about selling a g code file to your customers? and by the way how do you get to this link by navigating your page? I found this link by a picture search.