3D cut stopped halfway!

Doing a 3D cut on oak and machine stopped and went to home like it was finished! Haven’t had this issue before. Computer does not go to sleep and internet connection is good. Only thing new is a Easel update has popped up on the screen. Luckily the machine stayed on and I’m rerunning the finishing pass! Cross your fingers! Well that didn’t work, stopped about 3 minutes in. Just going to leave machine and computer on for the night and attack this again in the morning!


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When the carve stops. Like that i suggest pressing ctrl+shift+D and seeing what the machine state says and if it says alarm, check the console section of that page for a line with an alarm number as that will help in identifying the issue.

In addition to sleep mode have you also disabled usb selective suspend?

Have changed settings, rerunning carve!
Thanks for your help.
Will update you on progress

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