3D detail carve not completing

Exploring 3D carving, the first carve seemed to be going well - completed the roughing pass, was well on the way with the detailed path when, about 3 minutes from completion, it reset to work zero and reported the carve finished.

Attached image tries to show the cut and uncut detail - the uncut detail being at the top of the image.
Tried a second carve all went well - so assumed operator error the first time.
Tried a third carve, same problem as the first attempt - completed with about 3 minutes of the detail pass still to complete.
Everything else seems similar about the carves, although the second model was about 1/2 the size of the first and third.

Any suggestions where I should be looking for the issue? I’ve not seen similar issues reported in the forum, so hopefully not repeating a known question.


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