3D file source

does any one know where can I get 3D files of Birds.
In particular, Parrots? (preferably perched)

Not sure how you plan to prepare the model for cutting, but here is one:


I ordered an X carve with the Vectric desktop soft ware.
I would like to make something for my wife.
She has parrots. (actually African greys also)
I’m hoping to make a 3D plaque.
Thank you very much.
I’m currently playing around with their “tryout” software.

I have purchased a lot of very nice 3D models from ebay, do a search for CNC STL model.

I have also purchased some from Design and Make, they have some great models as well. http://designandmake.com/

I haven’t really searched for a parrot, but I am sure there are some out there.