3D help please raising object

Need a little help if possible. Did my first 3d carve today and disaster is an understatement. I downloaded a file to try and it probably doesn’t have any issues it’s probably my lack of skills as I am trying to learn as I go. I have attached(hopefully) 2 screen shots. My question is can I raise the object into the stock? The bottom of the carve is so thin that sanding is not an option(it is paper thin in some areas. Any help is appreciated!

OK…I use Meshcam for 3d, but in regular Easel, you can select the material thickness, and the depth of cut. I’d make the material thicker and limit the cut to the bottom of the carve. That might leave you with a thicker base uncarved. I’m not sure whether this will help answer your question though.

In the window above the one you show, which is sizing, go up to the position window and increase the Z axis value to what ever thickness you want for the base.
The last carve I did looked like this,
X 15MM Y 15MM Z 6MM
Gives me about 1/4" base. and about 5/8" border on the front and left side.
It will move it up as you enter the value, then you need to make the Z axis in the size whatever you want it to be inside the blank you are carving.
It has taken me a while to get it the way i want. for me the tough part is the last detail “cut style” describing what you want in the way of a surround. Hope that helps.
Ignore the red mistake.