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I consider myself to be a novice at wood carving (one step up from beginner but not quite intermediate). What I like about Easel is that it tells me which bit to use. If I pick an incorrect bit, the preview of the carving lets me know it’s wrong as well as the suggestion box telling me it’s not compatible. I am in Easel for a 3D project. I LOVE how the artwork looks on the drawing board!! The online tool to create a smaller file is also great!! I was afraid I would lose some detail but I dont notice any change in the artwork. After loading the artwork onto the art board in Easel I am stuck. I don’t know what bit(s) to use or is there just a standard set of bits for 3D carvings? Is there a tutorial I can watch to guide me through my first carve? Do I transfer the 3D artwork from the 3D side to the regular Easel for the actual carve? I just feel lost now. Basically all I was able to do in 3D was to import the STL file and resize it. Help please and thank you :grin:

Easel does not work with 3D files. You will need to use a different program to convert STL to toolpaths then the toolpath/s can be laded into Easel.

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Hi @SheriKibbe yes, This is the Private 3D beta forum section which we are using to talk about the ability to import 3D STL files into Easel Pro and then create carves from them. Any user here should have that access added to their account. @MarkA.Bachman please let us know if you need help with your access. Sheri, @DavidP_M will be reaching out to you directly and we will help guide you through the process. Thanks!


This is incorrect. Easel Pro users currently within this access grant are able to import 3D STL files and then carve from them, generating toolpaths within Easel.

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