3d lines in carving

I upgraded the xcarve then vectric file ugs software for all carves the waltons done 1st :clap: Then 2nd jeff & karen sign :clap: then tried 3d i did not zero out the clip art but i do not think that is the problem. This is my 1st 3d art… IS this mechanical

all rough cutting went great looks like no missed steps

seems like you have some slippage in the “Z” assembly or v wheels need some adjusting.
possibly on your “Y” axis due to the fact it comes and goes.


Thanks ken i will check it out all z axis and every thing else. Another site suggested EFI issue

Looks mechanical to me.
Check your v wheels
Not likely an emi issue.

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Ok, this might be the culprit >> some of them have come loose.
thread lock helps.


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I will take a look at that :grinning: thanks so much. :grin: I will give it a go over whole machine tommorrow

It’s actually the coupler that’s hidden and only accessible from the backside hidden behind this bracket (red arrow) that’s the usual issue.

BUT I really wouldn’t expect the z to drop for the center like that only, and then recover and go back to a higher location from a loose coupler.

Is it possible that the bit is loose and moving around loose in the collet mid-job?

And also make sure the Z axis isn’t mounted too high, I doubt that’s related, but a lot of the owners of the new Z tend to mount it up too high and then their shorter length bits cannot reach low enough for some cuts.

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