3D Model is on top of the material in Easel

I imported an STL file and it sits on the surface of the material. How do I get into the material? I’m sure it’s something simple, but I can’t find it.

On the position part of the stl screen, set z to zero or if you want a base set it to 6mm, you can move the work up and down inside the material to suit.


Adjust the Model Position (for Z axis specifically) Why does it push the Z data to the next line below, I’m not sure, but that is a little annoying and often overlooked… But Yeah Z Position Should be set to 0 whenever a new STL is imported, so it must have been altered for your model to float like that…

This link will take you directly to the section that shows/explains Model Position>>

Thank You! That worked splendidly!

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Thank You! That worked Great!

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