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Does anyone want to exchange models from MakeCNC? I have got more than 20 different designs. I have purchased them for making/selling purposes, but I was spending way too mach time on fixing the mistakes in the drawings. Its just not profitable. Also, I have been waiting for Makecnc to fix them weeks or maybe even months. They have been making promises and after a few weeks (I was reminding them) I would just give up. They were also very rude to me, blaming me that its definetly my fault. After finding out that it was their mistakes didnt even bother to appologize. Anyway, they won’t accept my request to return everything (didnt even bother to write back).
I am selling everything for half the price. Or I can exchange the designs with somebody.
Please feel free to contact me if interested. I will exchange/sell each model only once.

Kind regards,

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Hi Johan
I can exchange.
I have fantasy mansion, gothic mansion, fairytalepalace, time machine, deLorean, Chevy Impala, f4 corsair, piano, land rover, tooting tug boat, stephensons rocket and a carriage. Thats from the bottom of my head, I have a few more. What sort of things do you have?

this is a very interesting post Martin i own makeCNC and have never heard from you before or seen any emails from you also we are never rude to our customers and always try to help it seems to me you are just trying to use this forum for software piracy and those who see this should not be fooled
makeCNC always responds to any issue with our patterns and respects our customers we are the oldest online pattern store and have thousands of patterns we have designed its sad that you are trying to sell patterns of ours for half price when obviously you are keeping copies for yourself infringing our copyright

this is software piracy and an infringement of our copyright by sharing these files you are breaking your agreement to use our patterns legally

Please Do not purchase or share patterns that are makeCNC copyrights these are my designs and my copyrights please do not support software piracy this person is lying we have never heard from them and certainly never been rude to them they are just saying this to try and dupe you into sharing files illegally or buying them

I am so happy to see that the issue have been solved. please keep sharing this type of content.