3D Northern Pike sign

Was tasked to make a sign for a fishing camp. Imported their logo into apsire, bought a northern pike 3d art online and went to town! This was my very first 3d carve, was pretty intimidated at first but turned out not being so bad! It’s about 22" long.


looks fantastic. Hoping to make the 3D move myself soon. Would you consider a general playbook of how you went about it?

Anything specific you are wanting to know Edward?

I bought my file from https://www.vectorart3d.com

Once uploaded I adjusted the art dimensions for what I needed.

After that the program makes it super easy, I just clicked rough pass, set it for my .25 end mill, I kept pretty much everything as default because I didn’t know much about it, and ran the gcode.

Same process for finishing pass, used a tapered ball nose with 8% step over and really didn’t need much for sanding.

I had to do quite a bit of cleanup around the edges but that’s probably because I don’t know all the in’s and out’s for 3d carving yet.

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This looks great

That’s a keeper!

Which program makes it super easy? Sorry I’m totally new to all of this. I use easel to run a 1M squared X-Carve. I have fusion 360 but know very little about it,

What happened to the Walnut walleye?

Haven’t had time to finish the walleye yet! Will be trying to finish it soon though

And the walleye is my 2nd 3d carve… these are my only 3d carves I’ve done.

The vectric programs, like Vectric Vcarve, Vectric Aspire


They are pricey but absolutely amazing software.

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@MitchWillard, I’ve been looking at Vectorart3d.com, but don’t know how they will (if at all) work in easel. You mentioned using the g-code. Can you explain that? does it allow you to edit placement and such? What format files did you get?

is that all one piece of wood or is the fish a separate piece?

Separate, fish was carved out of poplar and glued onto back panel.

Thank you!