3D printed extruded zip tie holders

I took the ones from the inventables grab cad site and modified these to work with the larger extruded aluminum which allows me to attach things to the legs and edges.
I used my 3d printer to make them.

Thought I would share how good these things work.

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Those are great for tying cables to.

I made these to ziptie my power outlet / strip
They are wide enough to encompass the one I have.
Its very sturdy as I can plug things in and pull them if if need be easily and it does not move.

The one I made does not require any fasteners. It inserts in and you turn it to secure it.

Here I have the power strip zipped tied to the holders.

You’re not alone - The initial pics don’t show that there are holes all the way through. I didn’t get it either. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion but Inventalbes has these for the new systems they sell. Its in the cad file. I did mention I got them from there.