3D printed router holder with laser pointer

Any suggestions to improve router holder?


Now that is interesting. I’m guessing you have the wires running on a 12VDC source controlled via a switch?

No 3 AAA batteries :slight_smile:

I have to admit that’s a very creative misuse of laser pointers. I like.

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Are you just aiming straight down and using a known offset to the cutting tool? Or just assuming some height over the surface? Otherwise, it seems like the angle would have to be adjusted depending on the height?

it’s a lens filter that produces a straight line, you just line it up with the plane of the bit… that’s why the lines are longer towards the pointers

I use these 2 red line lasers https://goo.gl/YzE8bh
You can see that cross stays in same dot on height change

I recently switched over to the Makita RT0701C, so I must admit this is rather interesting. Good for rough adjustments, and the price is right, for sure. Do you plan on making the mount available on Thingiverse?

Yes I plan post stl files on thingiverse but later.
I can share Fussion 360 project files to you if you want.

Sure, that’s a very nice gesture. I’d like to see how you mounted it. It looks like the laser has a focused lens for one axis, I’m guessing you used two? It seems like it would be a little difficult to adjust. Do you change the height of the lasers to adjust the convergence?

Just spit balling, but you could wire up a simple power supply to the “Normally ON” side of your IOT Relay so it turns off automatically when you start cutting. Seamless!

Lasers are in fixed position. Beams are lines which cross in center. On router height change cross point stays in same position. I just add on/off button to turn it on when I need it :wink: It powered by 3 AAA batteries and no need for extra wires. Batteries pack not included in drawings :slight_smile:

The problem for X-carve owners using the RT0701 Makita spindle is the lack of mounting options at the bottom of the router. The Dewalt is threaded so you can create adapters that give you a solid mechanical attachment point. The Makita doesn’t extend far enough down for anything to attach. If you’re using a coupler/spacer to retain the router in the dewalt mount, you’d kind of SOL. I do wish there were better options.

Ah! Two of them! Brilliant!


Bottom view

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you could confuse people even more if you ran a flange on the outside edge of the pointers so that it limited the back leg angle (making it closer to a cross hair in the middle)