3D Printers

In many threads on this forum, many fine artists have talked about 3D printing their own parts and modifications. I am curious as to what brand/model 3D printers people here are using.

Makergear M2 with Simplify 3D here.

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One of @BartDring’s creations - an Ord Hadron.
Currently in need of some TLC so I can print a dust shoe.

I have an XYZprinter from Barnes &Noble ($350). It is Very basic. There are much better units available. I just got this one dirt cheap ($225 Xmas special). Currently it only runs PLA, but I hear there are individuals figuring out how to hack the machine. The filament is DRM protected, which is a pain, but that is one of the hacks being worked on.

My next machine will be a DIY build.

I started a DIY build, then shelved it when I saw the DaVinci 1.0A on sale for $399. Damn fine unit for what I do.

There is some good info at this thread

In the process of putting together my E3D BigBox

Makergear M2 upgraded with V4/dual extruder and PEI bed, Simplify3D, and Fusion 360 for design.

Modded MendelMax 2, mostly Kisslicer for slicing but I give Slic3r a shot now and again, Solidworks for design. Been wanting to try out Simplify3D but the $150 and the fact that Kiss just works right and fast makes me a little hesitant.

I will add: OnShape (and occasionally fusion360) for modeling and Simplify3D for slicing…

…and you can use the X-Carve to create an enclosure!

A modified and hacked XYZ Davinci 1.0 printer
(Repeter Host firmware and a e3d v6 print head)

Prusa I3. Works great.

If your going to buy a 3D printer… don’t buy a closed system. Don’t buy from a company that forces you to use their filament or software.

Lulzbot (Aleph Objects), Ultimaker & Printrbot are (IMHO) the top companies.

An open source printer ~$300 (from parts, kit or pre-built) is capable of printing as good (if not better) then a $3000US Makerbot (Don’t buy Makerbot! Makerbot is evil)

I’ve compared prints off my ~$300 Prusa i3 with printers costing $$$ and i’ve never wanted to upgrade to a better machine (granted… i always want to upgrade/rebuild/tweek but more for fun… not for quality)

There are TONS of options out there… just find something that has a heated bed (for ABS), extruder that can handle flexible filaments, a large print size, and can be easily accessed/repaired/modified.

Actually, I was leaning towards an XYZ Da Vinci All In One scanner/3D printer.

Pretty sure that the scanner is junk (I bought an Atlas scanner via Kickstarter), but the printer should be fine. As stated, just beware about the closed-ecosystem in terms of their filament. I’m fine with it as it works for me.

I would like to build a 3d printer does anyone have any plans they would like to share.

I would hope Inventables would add a 3D printer option similar to what the Piranha FX has. Is that option coming to X-Carve?