3D program to test X-carve functions correctly

Hi, Does anyone have a proven small 3D G-code program I can use to test the systems and mechanics of the X-carve and controller box. My problem is that the X-carve functions perfectly with 2D programs (generic G-code .tap in mm and Inches). However when I run the same 3D program on my Shapeoko2 and the X-Carve the X-carve does not follow the same paths on the X and Z axis. It misses passes, digs deeper than expected and sometimes freezes.
If there is an alternative proven 3D program I could use to perform some tests I may be able to eliminate some elements.

ArtCam http://www.artcam.com/free-trial-software.asp and MeshCam http://www.grzsoftware.com/ both have free demos.

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This was the one I used first time for test.

3D Finish 1.gcode (355.4 KB)


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