3D Sign question

I purchased stl file with some artwork I want to combine with my sign. Please see the attachment. How would you do it, please?

What is the process of carving? Do I need to create an actual sign with names in Easel and then import stl 3d? Or I make entire work in Fusion 360?

Another question. After I generate g code how I get it to Easel. I work with Mac computer.

Please advise

I would probably, do a roughing pass (with the largest bit possible to cut that image without rounding corners) [maybe ⅛" or ¼" for roughing then a ¹/16" for a detaile pass. As for what program you likely will have to create the 3d rendering in fusion 360 or vetric to generate 3 dimensional g code. Easel isn’t capable of generating full 3d paths.

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You could either cut the lettering as a fill
(Engraving) or you could cut the text with ¼ or less plywood or planed glued up hardwood, and just glue it on top of the bottom layer.

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