3d software for CREATING 3d images on Mac

What software are folks using to CREATE 3d STL files from scratch on a Mac?

thanks in advance for any help

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I use mesh cam and export to easel. I don’t often do 3D but am thinking I’d like to.

There are some free web based 3D systems.

I use Openscad for much of my 3D work. It’s not for everyone. I run it on a PC, but you can also download it for MAC. It is free.

You can use Tinkercad on the web

Also in the Tinkercad site you can now use Codeblocks which is just like Blockscad which is Openscad except the commands are in little templates.

Skulptfab is an online site with digital clay. You can start with a sphere and pinch it or bump it or whatever else you want to do with it. You can enforce symmetry so things like faces look balanced. You can import your own STLs and tweak them in Skulptfab. You might use Tinkercad to knock together a basic shape and then import that into Skulptfab for the final touches.

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Thank you all. I will look into the suggestions. Have done quite a bit with the XCarve Pro and easel so far but the only 3D ive done has been a purchased file which came out great.

just want to design my own this go round.

thanks again for the input.

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