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Good day all, looking for the best way to get 3d STL files that are below 100MB. I originally downloaded a file that was 155MB and tried to reduce it but ran into challenges getting it below but close to 100MB. The recommended reducing link found in the inventables 3d FAQs did not work with my file and gave me the below message * Going to simplify Coast Guard_2032625_P260.STL

  • Mesh Simplification (C)2014 by Sven Forstmann in 2014, MIT License (32-bit)
  • file is not obj or stl Coast Guard_2032625_P260.STL
    File said .stl?
    Tried another simplifier but it dropped the size down to 50MB and not sure if this will give the detail I seek.

Is it possible that the .stl was still within a .zip folder when you had attempted to upload it? that can cause that error I believe…

However, I did a live stream a couple months ago that shows how I use Blender (free) to shrink STL files, even much larger ones that exceed the linked compressor website method (that one linked in Easel only works with files up to 200mb)

Microsoft’s 3D Builder can do some forms of simplification. It will also tell you if your model has issues and can generally fix them. You will be able to see your model before and after so you can decide if the model will work for you.

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