3d Textures in Easel and Estlcam

I’ve got my workflow down for 3d textures.

Using a displacement map on a surface and then importing the .stl into Estlcam. NC file running with Easel. 1/32" 2 flute fishtail.


Looks cool! Could you post a zoomed in view of the finished product? I would be surprised if you got the results you were looking for without a round bit, but I guess 1/32" might be small enough?

Using displacement maps is a very cool technique. I’m interested in learning more about it. Where are the displacement maps coming from originally? It isn’t just a grayscale image right?

Got some fuzzies to clean up. In the future, I will increase the level of displacement to exaggerate the features. It’s less than 2.5" wide, so I am more than satisfied with the first run. About 50% more height will do it.

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