3d topo carving

Don’t own true 3d software, but still wanted a carving of the isl where I live. Topo carving of the big island of Hawaii was created in Coreldraw & exported as .svg. Opened in Easel, I tweaked all levels/depths to show accurate appearance in detailed preview. Island was carved with .125 down cut bit, 100 imp, .06 doc. Lava flow was carved from .75 mdf with .5" doc. and poured 1/4" of various metallic and colored epoxies. Black lava was created with my own concoction of cement and resigns. Overall art piece is 16" in diameter. Hope this inspires your creativity.

PS: See if you can spot Madam Peles’s face.


Jeff, that is really cool! I love the creativity.

The Wife and I visited your beautiful island last fall. I’d love to get a hold of that Big Island contours Easel file to do a memory thing of our vacation if you wouldn’t mind, of course. I’d understand if not - looks like it took a good bit of work. By the way, we stayed in Volcano in a cottage owned by my co-worker. What a neat island!

Paul. I messaged you the easel file 3 days ago. Did you get it?

Thanks Jeff, I was out of town this weekend. Yes, I got it. Thanks so much! I will be sure and post up something when I get something done with it. I’ve got a couple wedding gifts to make first. Mahalo!

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