3D where does everyone go for stl files

where does everyone go for stl files

We make them but there are libraries online if you search for subject .stl file.

In the cnc world most people are making their files.

Thingiverse has hundreds of thousands of STL files. That said, not all of them are candidates for CNC work. Thingiverse has a CNC forum where you can contact people who do CNC things. Thingiverse also has “tags” which will help you find designs for CNC. Just add CNC to your search.

There are also STL meta search sites such as yeggi.com and 3axis.co

Daniel Gross on thingiverse has good designs.

I have designs there, but most require customization using OpenScad

There are also some STL files you can buy from Etsy creators. Google “etsy cnc stl files” and many will pop up.

So what your saying is… what I said with more words. Thanks :slight_smile:

I like to know I am on track.

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