3D with stock machine

Can you carve in 3D with with the Carve x and easel software?

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you sure can, having good imagination and additional software helps.

Hello Clint,

No, you cannot. Not with Easel ONLY.
Certainly, the X-Carve can carve 3d reliefs, but you would need a 3rd software to generate the toolpaths into 3d toolpaths and then import the gcode to use easel as a sender only.

IF you’d like to try one of those 3rd party software options, I have a tutorial and a 90 day free download to try out Carveco Maker (normally $15/month) … but Fusion360, and Vcarve Pro are other common softwares used for 3d carving on many cnc machines including the X-Carve.

Let’s just set the conversation straight here, because the responses are not exactly specific.

The X-Carve machine & controller are both capable of carving 2D, 2.5D, and 3D.

The Easel software is NOT capable of generating 3D toolpaths at this time. As mentioned in both posts above, you will need to generate 3D toolpaths from some other software (ex. CARVECO, Fusion 360, any of Vetrics software that is capable of it, …the list continues…).

I just wanted to make sure the OP is aware that the machine is not the limiting factor.


Brandon Parker


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