3D Yoda - My first (failed) 3D project

So this weekend I decided to try my first 3D carve using V-Carve. I started with a .STL I found on the web and “squished” is down to fit the carve and carved this:

In general, I’m very happy with the quality of the carve (this is with basically no sanding), but I made the model so “thin” that I lost all of the detail in the face.

As I usually learn more from failures and successes, I thought it would be worthwhile to show it off.


There’s definitely nothing wrong learning from mistakes and failures. Now take what you learned and turn out another better one! Keep it up man!

Me too :wink:

Looking at your Yoda it doesn’t look like loss of detail due to shortening of the Z axis.
It looks like you were air cutting for the first few layers. (Z zero set too high.)
(Or possibly the model got cut somehow?)

I did a quick test in VCarve and in theory it should be carveable:

Here is it with a “sliced” model

These look fun! I will have to give them a try :wink:

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My attempt at 3D Yoda

Unfortunately it was so thin in places that the old scrap wood I used split so Yoda lost the tip of his ears and a shoulder.
But other than that it turned out well

In making it I think I know what when wrong with yours. When I first imported the file I set the model height to be the thickness of the material.
But after that I re-sized it larger, forgetting that made Yoda thicker as well. Making his face above the surface of the material after re-sizing. So I had to go back and adjust his trickiness.


Looks great!

woha ! although missed, it is beautiful!!!