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I have been using easel pro with my xcarve for four years now, recently I bought an open builds lead 1515 and even though it is listed I can’t seem to get it to connect to my new machine.
The software they use doesn’t seem to be as good in my opinion.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Hey Jeff, are you doing a “New Machine Setup” in Easel? the Lead should connect just fine as long as the CNC driver is installed as well as the latest Easel driver, and if you were able to use OpenBuilds Control then the CNC driver is there and you can verify the Easel Driver by going to Machine>General Settings>Machine Inspector and looking at the upper corners in that page, should show “Easel Drive Version 0.4.0”
If these are both good the remaining possible issue would be the com port assignment.

Just thought of something else that I should have lead with : Make sure OpenBuilds Control is not still Connected to the CNC… Even if the window is closed, Openbuilds stays open in the background and will hold the connection. so Click “Disconnect” in OpenBuilds or use Task manager to fully close openbuilds, or restart the PC…

for what It’s worth I love OpenBuilds Control, it has a million times more features than Easel… I can use the XYZ Probe (easel can only use one brand through a proprietary google chrome extension) I can use a XBox game controller to control my cnc (and a phone/tablet) easel cannot… and there’s more I won’t get into today…

Thanks for the quick response, maybe I’m an old dog and this is a new trick, but I can’t even figure out how to switch from mm to inches in their cam software, I do most of my work in vetric sand import to easel and have figured out how to do that in the control software! I also got the interface and can control with my phone.
I just got it finished assembly on Friday and have to step away from it until next weekend

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Wow, thanks for that

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So how do you switch from mm to inches in openbuilds cam

Oh, that’s a different issue. OpenBuilds CAM is set for Metric use only. you’d need to convert your inch measurements to mm manually. A conversion chart by the computer, or a calculator and the multiplier of 25.4 are some methods to accomplish that. . . but yeah CAM is millimeters for design only.

HOWEVER you could try BasicCAM which is a spinoff of OpenBuilds CAM from the team at BobsCNC, they used OpenBuilds CAM source code since it’s open source, and made some changes for their customer’s usage and realizing that most of their customers are US based, they introduced a toggle switch at the top bar to switch to Inch mode.


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