3rd Time's The Charm!

This is my third generation dust shoe.


This looks sweet! How does it attach? It looks like there are magnets in the sides, and although I can tell you have acrylic on the bottom of the Z axis, can’t tell how the rest of it works.

It magnetically attaches to arms that are inserted in the T-Track.


Brush comes from McMaster-Carr. Luckily there’s a warehouse 20 mins from me. I can place an order & pick up items w/in an hour or so!!! :grinning:

Damn. Totally jelly!

Not only shoe, everything I see is the perfection. Great job Gary.

something new coming!

Any tips for cutting acrylic? I’m getting melting (and a mess) with my Dewalt 611 even at the lowest setting. Thanks!

Single Flute Up-cut bit - Slowest RPM - shallower depth of cut - Fast enough feed-rate to leave area quicker before start heating up…

At 16k rpm plastics are difficult media to master but most acrylic are extruded and have a lower melting point than cast actrylic. You need to go faster/shallower and/or add some sort of means to keep things cool.
Cast acrylic is more expensive also which makes most generic types of acrylics of the extruded kind.

I was successful cutting at 17k rpm, DOC=.02, FR @110 ipm. w/good vacuum. Dual flute upcut. I was a lil scared @ 1st, but it worked, no melting!!!

Do you want to Share it to other X-Carve Users?

Yes, please share the design if you’re willing? Thanks, looks awesome, Gary

this is my own design for dust show.
DUST SHOE.pdf (56.9 KB)
DUST SHOE.ai (54.8 KB)

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The design is fairly simple to make, especially if u have any simple illustrator skills. Hell,I did it!!! I was always told that if you can read a tape measure then you can build anything. Great job BF!!!