4 free days per month question

not sure if this has been asked or not. does the 4 free days of easel pro per month update at the beginning of every month or is it a month from the first time you’ve used the pro features? I used 2 days at the end of November and haven’t used any days this month but it says I have 2 Days left this month. Just wondering if its a bug or if its taking into account the 2 days I used at the end of November.

It reset for me as of Dec 1… I assume it resets every first of the month but wait for someone from Inventables to confirm…


4 free days within the calendar month, reset on 1st of each new month.

Ok then something is wrong because I know I haven’t used any of my days for December other than 1 last night

Exactly the same thing happened to me.


This is the forum. Customer service doesn’t always monitor the forum. You should send a report to customer service so they can look into it.

Dumb question from a nube here…where do I look to see how many Pro days I have left this month?

Click Carve and a window will pop up telling status and asks if you want to spend / purchase a day.

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@HaldorLonningdal Thank you so much. I just learned from another post that designing with Pro doesn’t eat into your four days…good to know. I’m finaly going to take my machine for a test carve tomorrow…I’ve got a couple of dozen designs done to play with.

Another question off of this topic if you don’t mind…if I set my HOME position to the middle of my work piece in my design, why does it always start at the lower left of my work piece when I click “Simulate Tool Paths” ?

Thanks in advance

Did you move your work piece down and center it over the lower left corner? I always use the lower left corner for work zero but if i am not mistaken you would need to center your work over the lower left corner so it is in the center of that.

Home position is where you want your work zero to be.
Easel always assume work zero is where the X/Y grid = 0 in the design window.

So if you want to set work zero at the center of the material then you need to place the design centered around the grid X/Y = 0 too.

@HaldorLonningdal Thanks…Guess I thought it was kind of odd to have to move the design off of the workspace when I want to make my 0,0 the center of my workpiece…guess I thought when I selected to use the center of my workpiece as 0,0 I expected the black dot on the screen to move from the lower left of the workspace to the center of my workpiece. Guess I’m asking for too much from free software,

Hi, I know the above thread is an old one, however, I am looking for the four free carve days a month, as I have never used it before, where can I find it? Thank you.

I don’t see that, when I click on carve.

Hi Jennifer, if your easel account was created after about April 2020, then it will not have 4 days/month free, instead it would have been granted easel pro for the first 30 consecutive days.

However, If your account is a pre-April 2020 account you can click the easel icon at the top left and go into the account tab and there will be some info and a button to click to activate a free pro day.