4' x 5' 80W laser on X-carve frame

4f x 5’ 80W laser on X-Carve frame.

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thanks for posting this. I have been wanting to do this for awhile but with a 100w or better unit. I was going to mount mine on the X Carriage with the 20mmX 20mm extrusion but I like your box… again thanks for the post.

D A N G ! ! !

That thing is sweet! What have you been cutting/making with it?

on the x-axis are you using two maker slides or just one? if two did you use a mod to make them more rigid? is this the 1800mm maker slide on the x-axis?

That looks like a Ruida controller - do you run RDWorks, or use one of the plugins for Corel / Illustrator?

Tv frame

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I use 2 slides for X axis.
I added between the rails spacers and I connected them with bolts.
Yes, they are 1800mm maker slide but I shorted them.

Yes, I use RDWorks but I do my drawings in Vcarve.

Does having the laser itself moving cause you any precision problems? I haven’t seen many moving tubes like that.

I’m (slowly) working on a replacement for RDWorks - I have it talking to the controller already, but there’s still quite a ways to go. Hoping to ultimately have a number of features similar to VCarve. https://www.facebook.com/LightBurnLaser/

Yes, it is a plastic shed :slight_smile:

All big laser have the laser tube installed on X-axe. All gantry with tube is heavy so you can’t move it very fast, and I didn’t saw any precision problems.

I would like to see more detail photos of your control box if at all possible.


Thank you

WOW! This is awesome. Great job.

Nice design and build out. What materials can you cut with and their thickness. I am trying to decide how powerful a laser I should build.

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