45 degree angle corner

How do I measure or
(to do) if I want to make a box with a 45 degree angle, for coasters measuring 90 X 90 mm
Each corner should be sawn at a 45 degree angle

That sounds like you want to make an octagon (a STOP sign shape).

Go to “Apps” (the lego piece at the left side of Easel) and then select Eric Debronovenu’s Polygon Generator. You would enter in 8 sides and make the radius 1.917623977 inches.

This is because the box generator runs in inches regardless of whether you are set to inches or MMs on your setup. Thus to get 90 mm width octagonal coasters you need to enter 90 / 2 / 25.4 / cos(22.5) which is 1.917…
Once you generate one of the octagons, I recommend rotating it 22.5 degrees to get the flat sides on the left, right, top and bottom.

If your talking about mitered edges, a 90 degree v bit will generate 45 degree edges :man_shrugging:

Yes, I think I misinterpreted what he wanted.

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Just do not use the 90-degree V-Bit with the outline cut thinking that it will miter from the top edge outward.

This is the outside edge you would get if you did that.

Instead, you would use the Offsetter app to create a pocket based on your outline and set it to be offset by the exact thickness of your material. After adding that, you would send it to the back and ensure that it is not visible through any of your design that might just be “white space” and not an actual object. If that is the case, you would need to add a Zero-Depth pocket the same shape as your design (or at least where the “holes” are) and set it to between the lowest Z-Order object and the pocket that you sent to the back.

I know that is confusing, but Easel does not cut outlines respecting V-Bit operations, it only cuts outlines straight down.

If you want to do that and need help, share the design and I can help.


Brandon Parker

I see a different issue in both of our suggestions… the outside will round over leaving all of the corners as a radius…

This is true; Easel does not really handle all outside corners with V-Bits correctly…

But, if you are doing a round coaster, you should be fine. :slight_smile:


Brandon Parker

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