4mm shank bits

I am cutting serial number plates on aluminium sheet and I need to use .5mm end mill bit to get the detail I need in a reasonable carve time. I initially used 15 degree V bit and was not happy with the end result or the carve time. Running the CNC for 7 hours would not bother me too much, but running the vacuum that long is kinda costly.

Anyway, I have not been able to complete a job without breaking a .5mm bit. I bought some .5mm bits with a very short (2mm) cutting end, which should be more durable. The problem I learned when they were delivered is they have a 4mm shank. I cannot fit this bit into either the 1/4 or 1/8" collets delivered with the XCP. Can someone help me locate a 4mm collet that will work?

the XCP uses ER16 collets. Here’s a variety pack that goes from smallest to largest in metric… good to have on hand for cases like this (and sometimes metric ones are cheaper anyway)

And the full gambit in imperial as well… in case you want more options in those sizes too.

Personally I like to have extra collet nuts set with my most common ones already installed, BUT issues came up regarding sourcing those in the right size for the XCP spindle… so you might want to verify where Inventables suggests sourcing them because the XCP does not use the standard ER16 collet Nut (the standard one uses larger threads apparently)

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How about using .5mm tapered 5>7 degrees . 5 X stronger than a straight end mill

SpeTool 5Pcs Tapered Ball Nose Carving End Mill 1/8 inch Shank 0.25MM Radius (0.5MM Diameter) Tips 3D Woodworking Tool CNC Router Bits: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific

I was looking at these. Thanks!

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