5 minute project ideas!

Part of the learning curve with machines like these is that you often are afraid of putting wear and tear on the machine, or ruining a bit, or any number of things. So doing projects just for the sake of learning can seem wasteful.

So I started thinking, maybe it would help to do some really quick projects that are small and will carve super quickly (especially with the DeWalt spindle!) so I could build some muscle memory and get faster and more efficient myself.

Here’s my first one:

It’s based on the 2-coupling-bricks make a heart idea only mine is in solid oak. It’s to scale, and will fit with other lego pieces if I so choose. I had also thought about making it out of Aluminum, but I don’t have any stock that’s thick enough.

So maybe other people would like to chime in with their super-quick project ideas?


That’s really neat!

I don’t have my XCarve yet, but one of first the projects I am planning is to make small signs to go in my garden this year to label what I have planted. Just simple things like a 4x6 inch sign with the word “TOMATO”, and maybe a small clipart image of a tomato.

They should be relatively quick and easy to do.


Then once you start getting comfortable with larger projects, you could start growing zucchini or rutabagas.

I just got my machine this weekend. I made a few small personalized gifts for my kids and brother.

First was my sons wooden train track. I took a few straights and carved his name into them.

Second I bought some wooden handled bench brushes and carved our last names into them for my brother and dad.



Those are great! How did you keep the brushes steady to carve into them?

Maybe as you get more familiar with the machine you can think about making your own track pieces from exotic hardwoods :smiley:

I screwed a 2x4 to my waste board and clamped the handle to the 2x4. So there was no support under the brushes.

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