5 panel project

I’m working on my first stackable project. After many setups, I think I have it set up correctly. Would appreciate another set of eyes on this one. Very thin wood; carve times seem long, but I don’t want bits to break. I need to cut all the way through the wood - so how do you suggest I mount this? double tape onto another piece of wood before clamping down? Should I set depth to the actual wood height: .12?

Denise Gibson

Since you are cutting all the way through it will only run one of the bits you have selected. A lot of tape or a lot of tabs to deal with. What you can do is on some of the small pieces is put a full depth shape init so it clears it out. Basically you add some carve time but it allows you to make the waste area small enough that it will pull it away in the dust collection. I do that on my monograms sometimes were it makes sense

turtle .