500mm Wasteboard Bowing

Anyone else seeing this? I’m thinking of adding another extrusion in the middle to keep it flat.

I’ve seen it on the 1000mm but not on the 500mm.

We added an extrusion on the 1000 and that did the trick.

MDF while very stable can flex over time depending on the temperatures and moisture that comes in contact with it.
I have used Minwax Wood Hardener with good results but I always support at intervals over a long span. An added extrusion is an inexpensive addition, just $7 here

I have a 1000mm on order and also ordered two additional rails and hardware to support the waste board “just in case”, i’m sure its not needed but the added support wont hurt and it will do double duty of making the frame that much sturdier (again not needed but makes me feel more comfortable)

I’m going to order that extrusion. You can see where cuts are just kissing the wasteboard at the outside, then, dig in more towards the middle.

I had that issue with my original 500mm waste-board. I added a couple extrusions and it took care of the issue. Now when I upgraded my machine to the X-Carve I might have went a little over board by adding three extrusions under the waste-board to insure a completely flat working surface.


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I found that my wasteboard was fine.

There is a good amount of slop at the connections between the Y-plates and the 20mm sq extrusions. Keep an eye on this if you have cuts fading from one end to the other.