500mm X-Carve For Sale (Germany)

Fully Assembled - no Spindle

  • 500mm X-Carve fully funtional
  • Bosch Spindle Mount
  • many Endmills
  • full unused Clamp-Set (new X-Carve Version)
  • Wasteboard as good as new

I need to sell it because I dont have a room to use it anymore (to loud for a rented apartement). :frowning:

I will put some Picture in here this week!

Hi Sebastian,
Waiting for the photos, whats the price?




Where in Germany are you selling the x-carve?

kind regards


Do you still have the x-carve?

Sorry for the long delay.
A first tried to use the X-Carve in our apartement with an enclosure. But the high frequent noise was too much…

So. Here are some pictures of the X-Carve. You can see that the wasteboard is as good as new.

The noise of the stock fan on the controller was too loud for me. So I put the controller in a used looking box (you can cnc a new on if you don’t like it) with an old cpu cooler on top. The 12V for that are coming from an old pc power box that I also used for the lights in the enclosure (3V, 5V and 12V, or if mixed something in between, is the output of that).

I also died some cable management. You can new easily plug in and out the X, Y, Z and stepper cables.

If you don’t like my cable management, you can put it back to stock. The parts for that are included.

There is no spindle included. Mine a gave to a friend because his died last mounth. But I have a unused bosch colt spindle mount if you like to have it.

All of these clamps are included. I made some of them before a got the new set from a friend of mine.

I hope that the pictures help you. The X-Carve is used about 200h. After delivery and toll I have payed ~1300€. So send me some good offers. :wink:

If you have any questions so ask ask ask… :slight_smile: