500W Spindle Wiring Help - 3018 Pro

Hello everyone! I need some assistance with my new PSU and 500W Spindle

Here is where I currently stand. I have wired up the spindle and have full control over the speed through the potentiometer and the power is good. The issue is now is that I am not getting any feedback from the control board and can’t move the axis at all through Easel or Candle.


Control Board:

My main pain point is wondering what to connect the 0-10v port to. Does that go to the 24v Power Connector to the board or the Spindle PVM or something completely different? Do I need to get a new control board?

As you can tell, I am still fairly new to the CNC world and since I got this machine pretty much for free I wanted to make an upgrade to the spindle after doing a lot of Youtube and internet research but I’m at a loss at this point to making everything work again.

Hopefully, someone here can help lead me in the right direction! Thanks!

you would need to remove the potentiometer , but you can attach the 0-10v connection to the PWM connection of the 3018 controller board. then the cnc controls the speed by outputting a PWM signal.

You will also want to verify that $30 is set to 12,000 (the new spindle max RPM)

Follow Up Q’s:
What software are you using to control the cnc?
and what toolpathing software are you using for making the gcode?

Appreciate the help! I took off the potentiometer got the control board to finally power on properly and just need to test it out tonight.

I usually use Candle to control my settings but have been trying out UGS getting the best feel for what’s out there.

I have used Easel for pathing just due to ease of general use but I want to get to importing more Gcodes to Candle/UGS and run from there

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So I took off the potentiometer and wired up the 1-10v to the Spindle PVM. My only issue now is that I cant get the Z,Y,X axis to jog at all.

Here is the current wiring:
0-10V → Spindle PVM
ON/OFF → Bridged
Motor → 500W Spindle Wiring
Power → Wall Outlet Plug (US)

When I plug the USB cable from the board to the computer the fan spins up on the board but I get nothing working in Candle or Easel to job the machine. The computer recognizes it, but nothing happens and the machine doesn’t seem to be recognized. Also does not jog with the offline controller (though i never tried to use it before anyway).

The only thing that isn’t reconnected is the male 24v Barrel Plug. Does that need to be connected into anything to get the board moving properly?

Yep, the usb only supplies 5v to the cnc controller chip, but for the steppers to actually move it needs the 24vdc connected still

Small problem…I cut up the old power supply to use those as the new outlet wire and DC connector. Can I wire that control board 24v power into the new power supply somehow?

I too am having issues with the replacement of my spindle to a 500 watt 52 mm my Z axis is reversed !

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The movement of each axis is controlled via the $3 setting. You can use this chart to determine the current values and the setting you’ll need to change the Z axis only.

In easel these settings can be found in machine inspector by pressing ctrl+shift+D and scrolling to the bottom… then you’ll want to scroll to the “console” section at the top to enter the new value.