6-8 piece puzzle

Does anyone have a good fitting file in easel they are willing to share?

I can send you an SVG of this puzzle when I get home if you want that? I made it in Vcarve, but you should be able to use the SVG file in Easel.

Here’s a 9 piece puzzle in Easel

Here’s a 6 piece puzzle in Easel:

Here’s an 8 piece puzzle:

Thanks Zach!

@AndrewWatkins, how do you put an image on one of these puzzles once cut? How do you do the finishing stages? This is an idea that somehow I hadn’t thought of before!

@StevenPaxman it’s tricky because the puzzle pieces need to be carved out with space in between so you can do the “outside” path or else they don’t fit in together nicely.

There is an awesome puzzle app being developed in the App Store by @Vk1 Vojtech Kadlec. I think he could make it so his app took the picture and broke it up on top of the pieces programatically.

It’s the only way I can think to do it.


Out of all the awesome apps I’ve seen or heard of so far, that would probably be one of the ones I use the most. Especially if he can get it out in time to make some gifts before the holidays. I can’t wait to see it!!!