6 hour carve toasted due to broken belt

I suppose it should have been a sign that the used Xcarve came with 10 extra Z belts, but at the same time it occurs to me that i have spent the last 2weeks correcting obvious issues in the way the machine was assembled so I once again appeal to the experts of this forum to ask the proper procedure for adjusting the tension on the Z belt. another issue I had noticed was when the Z axis was in operation that the bit tip seemed to have a motion back and forth as if the screw shaft was bent, but after replacing the belt that issue no longer exists. any thoughts on the belt tension adjustment are greatly appreciated.

The VWheels taughtness onto the rails (or linear rails on a new style Z axis) should prevent this motion if they are adjusted properly even with a slightly bent lead screw. So you might want to verify the eccentric nuts (i believe they are on the right side of the Z axis) are adjusted to ensure the vwheels are snug to the rail.

As to the tensioning process, the Stepper motor mounting screws (4 of them) run through slotted holes, the idea is to use these slots to adjust the belt tension, you’d have to press the stepper away from the z lead screw and make the belt taught while at the same time tightening the stepper motor mounting screws.

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