60" gantry build?

Well, is it possible? Has anyone increased the size of their machine before? Where can the parts be sourced? What about the wiring?

I’ve been thinking about increasing the size of my 750mm X 750mm machine to at least big enough to give me 48" of width working space.
Maybe 60" width. But I don’t even know where to begin to find the parts for this.

I enlarged my Shapeoko2 to 750 x 1000. You probably would be better off extending your Y axis as a 1000 mm Gantry won’t provide 48 of work space.

Another option is to use OpenBuild bolt on V extrusion on regular extrusion. This does come in 1500 mm lengths.

MakerSlide 1.5m - Amber Spyglass Ltd

OpenRail Linear Rail - OpenBuilds Part Store

There are also connectors for bolting lengths of extrusion together. You can find them on Amazon

PZRT 4-Pack 2020 Series Aluminum Profile Straight Line Connector,Length 3.9 Inch Bracket Fastener with M5 Screw,for T Slot 6mm Aluminum Extrusion Profile Connect Parts

Open builds has all kinds of extrusions and wiring by the foot

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