611 cutting speeds

I have the 1000mm Xcarve and I have recently upgraded to the Dewalt 611. I almost exclusively use white pine on my machine. So far I have see my speed to 55 in/min and .035 cut per pass my Dewalt is set at 3.5. what kind of speeds does everyone else have their machines set for?

For pine, I rarely set my Dewalt speed over 1.5.

As far as feedrates and depth of cuts, it all depends on the bit you are using.

A 1/4" endmill a DOC of 0.075" and a feedrate of 75 IPM gives a smooth finish.

A 1/8" endmill a DOC of 0.05" and a feedrate of 60 IPM gives a smooth finish.

Play around and see what you and your machine are comfortable with.

For a rough cut on pine, I have gone as fast as 140 IPM with a 1/4" endmill at 0.05 DOC.