611 runout problems

Got my xcarve a few weeks ago and I’ve been doing some small tests to get to know the machine.

I saved for this for over a year and I’ve been extremely careful, this is the most precious tool I own…

In all my tests I noticed a .2 to .6 mm deviation, I tried everything I could find on the forums to fix this.

I finally suspected that the spindle might be the problem and sure enough I notice a huge amount of runout.

I don’t have the tool to measure it, but after perfectly calibrating X and Y to within .1mm in a 45 cm motion, I get a .2 to .4 mm deviation in a 10 cm cube, using a micrometer to measure the finished part in MDF So it’s pretty significant.

(I used the professional CNC at work to compare a cut in the same material and with the same tool. )

I used a marker to mark the smallest contact area while rotating and I managed to mark about 1/3 of the circumference in a 1/4 shaft.

I haven’t machined anything other than MDF, and a little bit of oak. I haven’t had any aggressive accidents or crashed the tool in any way…

I found some people in the forum complaining about runout after hitting aluminum, that is reasonable, but I haven’t had any accidents like that.

Anyone else had this problem? how do you fix it?


I’m not using easel, I’m using Fusion 360 but the same advice applies. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I was completely unaware of this.