611 upgrade/wiring question

I upgraded to the DeWalt 611 router. I was planning on wiring it direct to the terminal block on the back of the z axis then using the wires coming off the machine to connect to the relay switch. Is there any reason I can’t do this? I’m trying to avoid having a wire dangling over the machine. I know just enough about wiring to be dangerous but not enough about the machine to know what all is connected in that circuit/terminal block on the back of the z axis.

Sounds like you may have one of the older versions of the x-carve. Am I right?

yeah you’re going to need to run that wire separately. The internal wiring cannot handle the load of the bigger spindle. Time for drag chains!

Thanks. I do have drag chains. Can I run a larger wire to that terminal block through the drag chains? I just want a cleaner setup and using the terminal block seems like a way to do that. How are newer machines setup? Is there an upgrade that I can utilize?

the newer machines run the router power cable through the drag chain.

Sorry to revive a post from a few months ago…
So my unit is from 2015, I finally upgraded to the 611… admittedly i’m not sure if this falls into the “older units” or “newer units” discussion.

I removed the original spindle, installed my 611, everything is rocking… however, how do i know if i can just strip my wires and connect into the circuit panel on the back of my Z-Axis or not?

I’ll do it in a heartbeat if i know it won’t fry my whole board…

Thanks all!

Hey Rob, Its been awhile since I’ve been here but in case you didn’t figure it out. You can’t attach the 611 to the barrier strip on the back of the Z. If you do, you will only get enough power from the controller to turn the light on. Not enough voltage. I got a new, shielded wire for the router and ran it through the drag chain then connected it to a solid state relay. The relay is then connected to the Gshield(2015 era controller) on one side and 120V power on the other. If you need with that setup then let me know.