611 upgrade

Planning on putting the 611 on my x carve but would like to be able to use my 1/8 shank bits also. What (in your opinion) is the best way to do this? And where did you get the parts to be able to do it

The most popular way seems to be http://www.elairecorp.com/dewaltroutercollets.html . Search in the page for “611” to get the right section. You can also use a adapter in your existing collet, which is cheaper http://www.amazon.com/Astro-200-283-8-Inch-Collet-Reducer/dp/B0015YL1WQ/ref=pd_bxgy_469_3?ie=UTF8&refRID=1QC36BE0KTDBW61B8EZ4 , but depending on your work, they may have an unacceptable amount of runout.

Go with Elaire collets like @Andy4us said. I tried the Astro insert when I ordered my 611 but was not satisfied with it. Get the real thing from Elaire.

An even nicer option would be the ER-style collets from Precise Bits: http://www.precisebits.com/products/equipment/dewalt_611_kits.asp

if anyone might be interested, Rockler Woodworking has a reducer that fits inside the 1/4 on the 611 which gives 1/8 shank use cost is I think $7 and change…

I just got my collets about a minute ago no lie, I ordered the 1/8 and the 3/16 for the Dewalt 611. I just tried them and they work perfectly. They were 19.50 a piece. My total was 46.75 with the shipping.

I just ordered a 1/8" collet from Elaire. I have been using one of those reducer inserts, and had good success, but when I have to change from a 1/8" bit to a 1/4" bit and I have to get that spacer out, it’s not always the most convenient. I keep dropping bits or the spacer or my wrench, etc… So might as well get the right size that will hold better, reduce runout, and be easy to remove.

Does expensive equate to “nicer”? I looked at those but my pockets have limited depth.

So I have a question about exactly how much value we get from high end collets on our Dewalt 611’s.

I measured Total Indicated Runout inside the bore of the router (without the collet) as about one thousandth. With the stock collet and a 1/4" shaft in it, I measure TIR of about 1.5 thousandth on the shaft just below the collet. Seems to me like the collet isn’t actually the source of the majority of my TIR, right?

I only just got my Elaire collet today and haven’t tried it yet… but there’s no way it will magically fix the runout I’m already getting at the bore, right? Best case, I’m gonna get one thousandth, even with the new collet.

What kind of runout are your guys getting at the bore with your Dewalts? Is mine particularly bad, or just about normal?

I think if I was going to spend that amount of money, I just go for a 2.2KW, water cooled spindle and VFD.
Software speed control and ER16 collet as standard.


I have tried both Elaire and PreciseBits precision collets.

The Elaire are well made and will do the job (and are better than the stock DeWalt collet), but the PreciseBits are nicer… a step above in workmanship and accuracy. They come with a really good spoked spanner wrench for easy tightening and loosening. You do get more with the higher price tag. General woodworking projects will turn out well with the Elaire–if you plan on more intricate projects that require the highest degree of precision the X-Carve can manage, you will be well served to go with the PreciseBits. Just my experience…

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Here is something I have noticed about all my collets for the 611 (the stock 1/4 and the ones I bought from Elaire)

When loosening the collet about a half turn with the wrench will loosen it enough to turn by had for about 1 turn then it is tight again and need the wrench to turn it another quarter to half turn before it is finger loose again.

I would be much happier if the initial half turn with the wrench was enough to just spin it off with finger pressure.

Does anyones elses seem to catch like this? It is not a function of the collet since all behave this way, it must be the thread on the 611. I have tried a little oil and spinning the collets on and off many times but it has not made any difference.

Mine does the same ( stock collet, don’t have Elaire yet ). I wonder if this is some of the issues that seem to pop up with Z issues and loose bits. My Bosch Colt doesn’t have the same issue, so it’s a design issue I think

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Mine do the same @AllenMassey.

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I think it is a normal function of the collet. My stock, Elaire, and PreciseBits all do the same. The geometry of the insert is what causes it to catch…

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Glad to know it’s not just mine.

All the routers I have do this. No idea why.

I’ve been using these collet reducers from amazon. They work great. No slippage.