6mm collet for DeWalt

Hi folks. I have a DeWalt d26200 type 1 router being used on my X Carve

I am trying to source a nut and collet to take an end mill with a 6mm shaft.

I live in Australia and can’t seem to find a supplier here.

I HAVE TRIED ELAIRE but they are not posting to Australia at the moment.

Any suggestions, especially from Australian users would be most welcome.
Cheers Ian

no where close to aus. try this Amazon.com : DeWalt d26200 type 1 router 6mm collet

I would try ebay (ebay.com.au). We never seem to get the same options as the US (and as an American ex-pat now living in Oz, I really miss those options). I get a lot of my stuff on ebay now. Make sure you check the seller’s reputation, and allow extra time at the moment due to issues with AusPost. Good luck.


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