7 watt Jtech laser

Been playing with my new toy this weekend really pleased with the laser I picked up.

The results speak for themselves…
Engraved this on 2mm thick walnut.


That look great. I picked on up back in December but have not connected it yet. Any words of wisdom or advice that you learned getting yours installed and dialed in?


Very nice. What software/process did you use to create this? How did you mount the laser?

That looks great! It’s seeing projects like this that has convinced me to buy a 10 watt laser this spring.

I ordered the shrouded laser with the magnetic quick mount , this is stock focus set by the factory at 1/8" gap between the bottom of the shroud and the top of the work surface, I went ahead and purchased “Lightburn” software it was cheap enough and can handle pretty much any type of laser job, as well as send g-code to the x-controller, I used a vector file I found on google just imported it in , there was a little trial end error to set the intensity and this wood is very easy to burn.

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Looks great. I’m thinking of adding a laser to my machine. Have you a link to where you purchased this from?


Did you also cut the material out with the laser?

Yea that project was cut out I’ve done a few cutouts in 3mm plywood , I also figured out it will engrave on a saw blade…

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Im curious how these lasers do on aluminum. Are they able to engrave at all?

It has to be anodized or painted.

Funny I just noticed your name was Pyrex , it does great on Pyrex dishes .

:grinning: Can you really etch glass with it?

Yup , I spray paint it flat black then etch it , then after clean up with mineral spirits.

These type of laser have to have a color to absorb the laser.

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Okay, that’s what I was assuming. I have a c02 laser I use for engraving aluminum, but it’s a small machine. It would be nice to have the ability to engrave larger work pieces.

Great tip. Thanks!

Does this work on any type of glass?

I’m not sure but I think Pyrex is probably one of the toughest glasses so if etches I imagine most glass will.

I recently bought the 4.2W laser and Lightburn, I have only engraved some letter using the line+fill option in lightburn. I want to try and engrave some pictures. Do you use the grayscale image mode for your picture engravings? And where did you get your starting values (Speed/Power/DPI) from? Or was it just trial and error from the start? Thanks!

Yes I use grayscale , and unfortunately trial and error …

Ahh dang ok I’ll have to buy up some scrap pieces to run some tests on.